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Impressive - AQHA Halter Champion

Impressive, AQHA Stallion
Impressive's influence changed the halter-horse world forever. Foaled in Oklahoma, on Apr.15 1968, Impressive was sired by the thoroughbred Lucky Bar, a Three Bars son, and out of Glamour Bars, who herself was double bred Three Bars.

Impressive's first owner was Nick McNair of Oklahoma who wanted to register him as Tripple Bars but sold him in 1970 to Blair and Nancy Folck for the measly sum of $3000. Before the papers had gone through. McNair thought twice about selling him, and offered Folck $500 not to take him. Soon, this little colt would be sold and named "Impressive" (Folck's 1st choice). Even as a yearling, Impressive's conformation created a buzz within the quarterhorse industry. He had as nice a front end as he did a back end. Impressive developed into a stocky, and well muscled yearling, who was very friendly and playful and no more aggressive than any others his age.

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Bringing Light to HYPP - the Acceptable Disease?

Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis, commonly known as HYPP, has been widely spread throughout the equine industry over the last several years. This heritable disease is caused by a genetic defect that has been found through research to trace back to the great American Quarter Horse stallion, Impressive.

HYPP affects the sodium channels of afflicted horses and overloads the system with high potassium levels that cause episodes which may include: mild muscle twitching that is undetectable to the human eye; noticeable muscle twitching; "crawling" skin, ranging from slight to very noticeable and usually from the back flank area forward;

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