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Dream Colt from 1999

This story is about a dream of ours that came true, last June 1998, we bought our first horse, and her colt, at the time the colt was 4mo old, the mare was 6yr old, both out of impressive, (we didn't know anything about impressive, much less hypp!) from little old people in there 70's,that had been around horses all there lives.

The colt became ill in a short time, we called the vet, his assumption was correct, he drew blood on both the mare and colt, the mare was n/h, but the colt was h/h, his attacks became worst, and more often, finally March 3,1999, his attack lasted 8 
long hours, foaming at the mouth, stumbling and falling, loud breathing, gasping for his last breath, his eye's so red, that we thought they were going to burst into flames, seizures, muscle tremors, finally the vet said we have to put him down.

I held the halter while he overdosed 
stiffly, and he fell to the ground.

The previous owners wouldn't do anything! Now with him gone we learned the hard way, don't you make the same mistake, as for a n/h mare the heat cycle, can trigger an hypp attack, making her unsafe to ride, TRUST ME WE KNOW!
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